Turfing and Lawn care in Cardiff - Get a Stunning Lawn with Fantastic Gardeners

Do you dream of a beautiful, lush lawn that is the envy of your neighbours?

Look no further than Evans Home Solutions, the premier turf laying and lawn care service in Cardiff. Our experienced landscapers can help you achieve your gardening goals with a complete hassle-free service from delivery to installation.

We offer a wide range of turfs to suit all your garden needs, from low-maintenance to a lush oasis. Our real turf laying service takes into account factors such as drainage, sunlight, and your garden’s layout to recommend and lay the perfect turf for your space. Our artificial grass installation is the perfect low-maintenance alternative for those who want a beautiful lawn without the hassle of maintenance.

Our Turfing and Lawn Care Process
At Fantastic Gardeners, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering fresh, long-lasting results. Here’s how we perform our real turf laying service:

1. Preliminary site clearance: We clear the surface from weeds, old turf, plants, debris, rocks, and stones. We can also remove any hard surfaces, such as decking, pavers, and slabs.

2. Levelling: We level the site where needed by adding or removing soil to level any uneven patches or reduce the gradient of a slope.

3. Adding topsoil: The perfectly levelled ground will be covered with a layer of topsoil, for optimum turf root establishment.

4. Turf laying: Our specialists lay the turf rolls without gaps in between rolls to achieve a uniform lawn look.

5. Lawn edging: We form the edges neatly to achieve an aesthetic result that fits with the rest of your garden features – flower beds, rockeries or patio.

6. Free expert advice: You will receive a free maintenance plan on when to water the lawn, how often to cut the grass

Turfing services cardiffOn the other hand, if you prefer low-maintenance lawns, we offer artificial grass installation services that are perfect for those who don’t have the time for lawn care but still want to enjoy the lush green.

We’ll clear the site of weeds, plants, debris, and other materials before levelling, laying an anti-weed membrane, and installing a frame of joist to provide more stability to your new fake turf. Our team will also add sharp sand to keep it fixed to the ground before installing the artificial turf using adhesive or silica sand application, depending on the type of artificial turf.

At Evans Home Solutions, we offer a range of services, from simple turf laying to complete landscaping services, and our team is always happy to discuss your ideas in detail. So, whether you want a real or artificial lawn, our team has the expertise to help. Simply contact us by calling, emailing, or texting our booking team, and we’ll arrange a quick survey and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

If you’re happy, we’ll book you an appointment and transform your garden into the oasis you’ve always wanted. Call us now at  07402 688 828 / 02920 792307 to reserve your appointment today!