Gutter, fascia, and soffit replacement may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to home maintenance. However, neglecting these important components of your roofing system can lead to serious consequences.

Without regular upkeep, fascias can deteriorate, leading to internal water damage and loose guttering. In England, where rot is a common issue, replacing the fascias and soffits may be the most cost-effective option in the long run.

UPVC Fascias and Soffits newportProperty surveyors often include gutters, fascias, and soffits in their reports, and any issues can decrease the valuation of your home. Protecting your roofline with durable, modern materials can help prevent these issues and give you peace of mind.

Durable Fascia Boards

At Evans Home Solutions, we use a modern blend of uPVC to manufacture our fascia boards, which connect directly to the roof trusses, providing year-round protection for your guttering. Our fascia boards are designed to support gallons of water per second, making them ideal for withstanding heavy rainfall. This durable material also prevents the onset of rot, ensuring a long-lasting roofing system.

UPVC Fascias and Soffits CardiffLong-Lasting Soffits

Soffit boards are often overlooked, but they play a critical role in ventilation and preventing dampness and rot. Our soffits are constructed with the same high-quality uPVC material as our fascias, ensuring that your roofing system remains almost entirely damp and rot-free.

Weather-Proofed Guttering

Guttering is an essential component of your roofing system, redirecting rainwater and other liquids away from sensitive materials. Our uPVC guttering is weather-proofed and designed to prevent rotting and dampness, ensuring that your roofing system remains functional and attractive for years to come.

At Evans Home Solutions, we offer free visits to discuss your gutter, fascia, and soffit needs and provide a free quotation for replacement. Don’t neglect these critical components of your roofing system – contact us today to arrange your free viewing and ensure the long-term protection of your home.